Webinar: The New OmnichannelPath 2

Webinar: The New Omnichannel

Friday Dec 20 9:00 AM - Monday Jan 20 5:00 PM


Watch this on-demand webinar to learn more about how brands are engaging today's modern consumer with new omnichannel strategies.

A major Shift is happening in how consumers deal with brands. 54% of consumers reach out to brands during non-business hours over different conversational channels. With always-on, low-friction channels like Facebook Messenger, today's consumers expect the same immediate interaction from brands that they get from their friends.

Topics include:

  • How conversational AI fits into the preferences of today's modern, mobile consumer.

  • The different experiences brands have had using Facebook Messenger with conversational AI to drive conversions.

  • The latest in omnichannel marketing from partners Facebook and Snaps, who power these conversational campaigns.

Speakers include:

  • Christian Brucculeri, Snaps

  • Auri Korva, Facebook

  • Nic Seitz, Live Nation

  • Craig Wein, Live Nation

  • Giovanna Dimperio, H-E-B