Role Call: Experience Designer at H-E-B Digital

What does a tech job at Texas’ favorite grocery store look like? We went behind-the-scenes with three H-E-B employees to see how they spend their days.

Caitlin Knauss, Experience Designer 

Where are you from? 

Milwaukee, WI.

How did you end up as an Experience Designer at H-E-B? Did you study this field in school?

Unfortunately, UX wasn’t really a thing when I was in college. I studied marketing because I was drawn to its focus on qualitative research. Right out of school I was a physical product designer in the bedding department for Kohl’s. I learned a lot about collaboration and what it takes to deliver a product. I found myself gravitating to some sort of design system organization, and once I understood what UX was it was a light bulb moment. To me, it’s the perfect marriage of left and right brain skills. I moved to Austin and worked in account management and then on some freelance projects while taking design courses at General Assembly. I ended up taking a full-time General Assembly boot camp in UX to build the foundation I needed. After that, I jumped into a full-time role at a startup, which was a great opportunity to broaden the spectrum of my experience.

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