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Whether you’re an engineer, an eCommerce professional, or in product or design, we have a role for you. Though each position is different, any career at H-E-B Digital promises to provide more than your average tech job

Have immediate impact

While some companies promise to solve big, abstract problems, we’re solving big, concrete ones. And if we want to see how we’re doing, all we need to do is walk into one of our stores and ask. Our customers are our neighbors, friends, and family members, and they’ll tell us if we’re not meeting their needs. With over ten million households shopping our stores and buying our products, we have over ten million opportunities to make a difference in someone’s life.

Do real good

Yes, H-E-B sells groceries, but we don’t feed only our customers. In fact, we don’t only feed - we also provide clothing, housing, and disaster relief to our fellow Texans. On top of donating 5% of our pre-tax profits to local charities, we invest heavily in Texas education - $10 million a year to be exact. While this spirit of giving has been codified by leadership, employees throughout the company donate their time and resources to dozens of volunteer opportunities and drives throughout the year.

Broaden your target market

When we say that our target market is Texas, we mean it. We serve everyone, and we also serve alongside everyone. H-E-B employees have different backgrounds and home towns, skill sets and points of view, and these differences are crucial to our success. We’re committed to fostering a diverse workforce and ensuring that every employee feels both seen and heard, because at H-E-B, people matter.


H-E-B is my family. Yes, we sell groceries, but to me H-E-B is a community of passionate, hardworking folks who are focused on giving our best to the people we serve.

David Nikaido

Lead Developer

Information Solutions

Digital Technology

Digital Technology builds and maintains the tech that powers our $26 billion business. Members of this team work across infrastructure, data, security, software, network, and platform teams, and ensure H-E-B is ready for the next 100 years.

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Product, Design, and UX

Digital Product

A team of designers, product managers, experience designers and more, Digital Product is tasked with visualizing the future of the customer experience, understanding our users, and finding creative solutions to hard problems.

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Digital Commerce

The team at the intersection of store operations and digital retail, Digital Commerce powers our rapidly scaling curbside and home delivery business through digital merchandising, fulfillment, and logistics.

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